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From Otis Gospodnetic <>
Subject Re: DataImportHandler usage with RDF database
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2011 11:28:46 GMT
Hi Lewis,
> I am very interested in DataImportHandler. I have data stored  in an RDF db and 
>wish to use this data to boost query results via Solr. I wish  to keep this data 
>stored in db as I have a web app which directly maintains this  db. Is it 
>possible to use a DataImportHandler to read RDF data from db in  memory

I don't think DIH can read from a triple store today.  It can read from a RDBMS, 
RSS/Atom feeds, URLs, mail servers, maybe others...
Maybe what you should be looking at is the ManifoldCF instead, although I don't 
think it can fetch data from triple stores today either.

> without sending an index commit to Solr. As far as I can see  DataImportHandler 
>currently supports full and delta imports which mean I would  be indexing. 

I don't follow what you mean by this and how it relates to the first part.

> So far I have yet to find a requestHandler which is able to read  then store 
>data in memory, then use this data elsewhere prior to returning  documents via 

I think you are talking about a custom SearchComponent that reads some data from 
somewhere (e.g. your triple store) and then uses it at search time for 
something.  This sounds doable, although you didn't provide details.  For 
example, we (Sematext) have implemented custom SearchComponents for e-commerce 
customers where frequently-changing information about product availability was 
fetched from external stores and applied to search results.

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