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From kenf_nc <>
Subject Any contribs available for Range field type?
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2011 13:49:03 GMT

I have a huge need for a new field type. It would be a Poly field, similar to
Point or Payload. It would take 2 data elements and a search would return a
hit if the search term fell within the range of the elements. For example
let's say I have a document representing an Employment record. I may want to
create a field for years_of_service where it would take values 1999,2004. 
Then in a query q=years_of_service:2001 would be a hit,
q=years_of_service:2010 would not. The field would need to take a data type
attribute as a parameter. I may need to do integer ranges, float/double
ranges, date ranges. I don't see the need now, but heck maybe even a string
range. This would be useful for things like Event dates. An event often
occurs between several days (or hours) but the query is something like "what
events are happening today". If I did q=event_date:NOW (or similar) it
should hit all documents where event_date has a range that in inclusive of
today. Another example would be product category document. A specific
automobile may have a fixed price, but a category of auto (2010 BMW 3-series
for example) would have a price range. 

I hope you get the point. My question (finally) is, does anyone know of an
existing contribution to the public domain that already does this? I'm more
of a .Net/C# developer than a Java developer. I know my way around Java, but
don't really have the right tools to build/test/etc. So was hoping to borrow
rather than build if I could.

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