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From Markus Jelsma <>
Subject Re: facet or filter based on user's history
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2011 18:52:24 GMT

I've never seen Solr's behaviour with a huge amount of values in a multi 
valued but i think it should work alright. Then you can stored a list of user 
ID's along with each book document and user filter queries to include or 
exclude the book from the result set.


> Hi,
> I'm looking for ideas on how to make an efficient facet query on a
> user's history with respect to the catalog of documents (something
> like "Read document already: yes / no"). The catalog is around 100k
> titles and there are several thousand users. Of course, each user has
> a different history, many having read fewer than 500 titles, but some
> heavy users having read perhaps 50k titles.
> Performance is not terribly important right now so all I did was bump
> up the boolean query limit and put together a big string of document
> id's that the user has read. The first query is slow but once it's in
> the query cache it's fine. I would like to find a better way of doing
> it though.
> What type of solr plugin would be best suited to helping in this
> situation? I could make a function plugin that provides something like
> hasHadBefore() - true/false, but would that be efficient for faceting
> and filtering? Another idea is a QParserPlugin that looks for a field
> like hasHadBefore:userid and somehow substitutes in the list of docs.
> But I'm not sure how a new parser plugin would interact with the
> existing parser. Can solr use a parser plugin to only handle one
> field, and leave all the other fields to the default parser?
> Thanks,
> Jon

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