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From Cameron Hurst <>
Subject Solr Memory Usage
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2010 05:07:28 GMT
Hello all,

I am a new user to Solr and am currently in a testing phase before I try
and take my server into production. For my system I have a tomcat6
servlet running solr 1.4.1. Everything is running currently on my local
computer and it is parsing data from a local dump of the production
MySQL server. Things seem stable initially and I am able to query
everything and have not experienced any sort of errors. The problem has
to do with how much RAM the server uses compared to my expectations.

On initial start up the tomcat6 server, 90MB of RAM is used. This seems
normal compared to what I am expecting and what google searches give me.
>From there in my solrconf.xml settings I have the maximum RAM buffer set
to be 32 MB. Because of this, I am expecting that ontop of the 90MB of
RAM for the first turn on that during indexing, and running operations
that it will load an additional 32MB of information into RAM. Along with
HTTP request and other buffers I am assuming that the total amount of
RAM usage for the servlet and solr should be about 150MB of RAM with
these settings.

As I start to index data and passing queries to the database I notice a
steady rise in the RAM but it doesn't stop at 150MB. If I continue to
reindex the exact same data set with no additional data entries the RAM
continuously increases. I stopped looking as the RAM increased beyond
350MB and started to try and debug it and can't find anything obvious
from my beginners view point. I tried to a memory leak check from the
web manager and that came up with no leaks.

Are my expectations here unreasonable? Am i completely wrong with my
assumptions that I should only have about 150MB and that 350 is
perfectly fine? I am just trying to sort this out because on my
production server I have a limited amount of RAM and I need to minimize
this as much as possible.



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