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From Peter Karich <>
Subject Possibilities of (near) real time search with solr
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2010 20:06:11 GMT

I wanted to provide my indexed docs (tweets) relative fast: so 1 to 10 
sec or even 30 sec would be ok.

At the moment I am using the read only core scenario described here 
(point 5)*
with a commit frequency of 180 seconds which was fine until some days. 
(I am using solr1.4.1)
Now the time a commit takes is too high (40-80s) and too CPU-heavy 
because the index is too large >7GB.

I thought about some possible solutions:
1. using solr NRT patches**
2. using shards (+ multicore) where I feed into a relative small core 
and merges them later (every hour or so) to reduce the number of cores
3. It would be also nice if someone could explain what and if there are 
benefits when using solr4.0 ...

The problem for 1. is that I haven't found a guide how to apply all the 
patches. Or is NRT not possible at the moment with solr? Does anybody 
has a link for me?

Then I looked into solution 2. It seems to me that the CPU- and 
administration-overhead of sharding can be quite high. Any hints (I am 
using SolrJ)? E.g. I need to include the date facet patch

Or how would you solve this?




-- twitter search prototype

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