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From Ahmet Arslan <>
Subject Re: Dismax - Boosting
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2010 22:38:05 GMT
> 1. Do we need to change the above DisMax handler
> configuration as per our
> requirements? Or Leave it as it is? What changes?

Yes, you need to edit it. At least field names. Does your schema has a field named sku?

> 2. Do we need make DisMax as a default request
> handler?  Do I need to add
> attribute default="true" to the tag?

If you are going to always use it, why not, change it by adding default="true". By doing so
you need to add qt parameter in every request. But don't forget to delete other default="true".
There can be only one default="true" :)

> 3. I read in the documentation that Default Search Handler
> and DisMax are the same except that to use DisMaxQueryParser add
> defType=dismax in the query string. Is there anything else do we need to > do?

Above dismax config contains default parameter list. So you don't need to add &defType=dismax&qf=title^1.0
text^1.5 ... etc. to the query string.

> We are basically moving on to dismax handler and trying to
> understand what
> changes we need to make to SolrConfig.xml. 

As you can see in default solrconfig.xml, you can register multiple instances of solr.SearchHandler
with different default parameter list and name. default="true" one is executed by default.

And this can be helpful deciding about dismax params: qf,pf,ps,ps,mm etc


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