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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: stream.url
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2010 22:24:26 GMT

:                I used escape charaters and made it... It is not problem for
: a single file of 'solr &apache' but it shows the same problem for the files
: like Wireless lan.ppt, Tom info.pdf.....

Since you haven't told us what the original URL is that you are trying to 
pass as a value for the stream.url value, it's impossible for us to guess 
wehter your URL escaping is working properly.

bear in mind that you need to escape url metacharacters *twice* for this 
type of thing -- once to encode the URL in a way that the final server 
will recognize it, and once again to pass it as a value in a URL to Solr.

since you explicitly mention having problems with white space, but i don't 
see any %25 or %2B sequences in your URL i'm going to guess that the 
porblem is you are not double escaping the white space properly -- the 
first time you escape it it should either be "+" or "%20" which means the 
second time it should either be "%2B" or "%2520"


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