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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Is semicolon a character that needs escaping?
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2010 22:05:15 GMT

: Subject: Is semicolon a character that needs escaping?
: >From this I conclude that there is a bug either in the docs or in the
: query parser or I missed something. What is wrong here?

Back in Solr 1.1, the standard query parser treated ";" as a special 
character and looked for sort instructions after it.  

Starting in Solr 1.2 (released in 2007) a "sort" param was added, and 
semicolon was only considered a special character if you did not 
explicilty mention a "sort" param (for back compatibility)

Starting with Solr 1.4, the default was changed so that semicolon wasn't 
considered a meta-character even if you didn't have a sort param -- you 
have to explicilty select the "lucenePlusSort" QParser to get this 

I can only assume that if you are seeing this behavior, you are either 
using a very old version of Solr, or you have explicitly selected the 
lucenePlusSort parser somewhere in your params/config.

This was heavily documented in CHANGES.txt for Solr 1.4 (you can find 
mention of it when searching for either ";" or "semicolon")


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