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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Search Results optimization
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2010 19:43:12 GMT

: also my request handler looks like this
: <requestHandler name="mb_artists" class="solr.SearchHandler">
: <lst name="defaults">
: <str name="defType">dismax</str>
: <str name="qf">name ^2.4</str>
: <str name="tie">0.1</str>
: </lst>
: </requestHandler>

that request handler doesn't match up with the output you posted in your 
previous message -- according to it, you were using qt=standard1 (not 
qt=mb_artists).  the output you posted shows you using a query parser that 
searched for each word in the "text" field, not the "name" field.  it also 
didn't appear to be the dismax parser at all.

Since there seems to be some confusion about what handler/parser you are 
actually searching, i suggest getting to the bottom of that, it might 
explain a lot about the results you are getting.

: I really need some help on this,
: again, what I want is...if I search for "swingline red stapler", In results,
: docs that have all three keywords should come on top, then docs that have
: any 2 keywords and then docs with 1 keyword, i mean in my sorted order.
: thanks

Because of hte disconnects mentioned above, i didn't look to closely at 
hte score explanations you posted (it's hard to make sense of them since 
they search a field named "text" and you only posted into about the "name" 
field) but if, as you mentioned, you're already omiting norms and term 
freq / positions for hte "name" field then for the most part this is the 
sort order you should be getting (if/when you search against the name 
field instead of hte text field)

the biggest thing you'll probably have to watch out for with the dismax 
parser (if/when you use it) is to explicitly set the 'mm' param to 
something like "0" otherwise documents will be excluded if they only match 
a small number of the terms.


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