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From Ron Mayer <>
Subject Can I tell Solr to merge segments more slowly on an I/O starved system?
Date Sun, 19 Sep 2010 04:04:05 GMT
My system which has documents being added pretty much
continually seems pretty well behaved except, it seems,
when large segments get merged.     During that time
the system starts really dragging, and queries that took
only a couple seconds are taking dozens.

Some other I/O bound servers seem to have features
that let you throttle how much I/O they take for administrative
background tasks -- for example PostgreSQL's "vacuum_cost_delay"
and related parameters[1], which are described as

  "The intent of this feature is to allow administrators to
   reduce the I/O impact of these commands on concurrent
   database activity. There are many situations in which it is
   not very important that maintenance commands like VACUUM
   and ANALYZE finish quickly; however, it is usually very
   important that these commands do not significantly
   interfere with the ability of the system to perform other
   database operations. Cost-based vacuum delay provides
   a way for administrators to achieve this."

Are there any similar features for Solr, where it can sacrifice the
speed of doing a commit in favor of leaving more I/O bandwidth
for users performing searches?

If not, where in the code might I look to add such a feature?



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