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From "" <>
Subject SOLR interface with PHP using javabin?
Date Thu, 16 Sep 2010 18:30:11 GMT
  I am planning on creating a website that has some SOLR search 
capabilities for the users, and was also planning on using PHP for the 
server-side scripting.

My goal is to find the most efficient way to submit search queries from 
the website, interface with SOLR, and display the results back on the 
website.  If I use PHP, it seems that all the solutions use some form of 
character based stream for the interface.  It would seem that using a 
binary representation, such as javabin, would be more efficient.

If using javabin, or some similar efficient binary stream to interface 
SOLR with PHP is not possible, what do people recommend as the most 
efficient solution that provides the best performance, even if that 
means not using PHP and going with some other alternative?

Thank you,

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