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From Jonathan Rochkind <>
Subject Re: Facet Field Value truncation
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2010 19:42:14 GMT
Faceting on a multi-value field? 

I wonder if your positionIncrementGap for your field definition in your 
schema is 256.  I am not sure what it defaults to. But it seems possible 
if it's 256 it could lead to what you observed.  Try explicitly defining 
it to be really really big maybe?  I'm not sure why it doesn't default 
to Really Really Big in the first place -- if it doesn't, not sure what 
it defaults to -- it's going to be much more common for people to assume 
Solr behaves like it does when it's Really Big, then for someone to 
actually want a small one.

I was going to copy and paste some documentation on 
positionIncrementGap, but I can't find that either. It's at least 
included in the example schema.xml, so you can see where to put it.


Niall O'Connor wrote:
>   Hi,
> Has anyone come across a situation where they have seen their facet 
> field values wrap into a new facet entry when the value exceeds 256 
> characters?
> For example:
> <lst name="facet_fields">
> <lst name="pub_articletitle">
> <int name="1">2302</int>
> <int name="hiv">1403</int>
> <int name="type">1382</int>
> </lst>
> <lst name="tissue-antology">
> <int name="Lymph node,Organ component,Cardinal organ part,Anatomical 
> structure,Material anatomical entity,Physical anatomical 
> entity,Anatomical entity">419</int>
> <int name="Left frontal lobe,Frontal lobe,Lobe of cerebral 
> hemisphere,Segment of cerebral hemisphere,Segment of 
> telencephalon,Segment of forebrain,Segment of brain,Segment of 
> neuraxis,Organ segment,Organ region,Cardinal organ part,Anatomical 
> structure,*Material anatom">236</int>
> <int name="ical entity,Physical anatomical entity,Anatomical 
> entity">236</int>*
> </lst>
> As you can see the last value in the tissue-antology list is split 
> between two facet values.
> Should I open a bug for this? Or is this something configurable?
> Niall

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