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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Sites with Innovative Presentation of Tags and Facets
Date Fri, 28 May 2010 22:34:38 GMT

: > you mean something like the following?
: >

: Also has some nice chart

Yeah ... those are close to what i mean -- but in both cases there is 
really one big visual graph of a single numeric value (ironicly it's a 
timeline in both cases) ... i was thinking more along the lines of when a 
facet UI has *multiple* numeric facets.

Imagine if a site like for example, that has a search UI with 7 
numeric sliders (departure take off time, departure landing time, return 
take off time, return landing time, layover duration, trip duration, and 
price) showed you a small sparkline above each slider that showed you 
where the various options tended to cluster based on the other filters you 
had applied -- so you can see that most flights have layovers in the ~30 
minute range, and the key price point is around $99 ... but when you move 
the "take off time" slider to early in the morning the sparkline above 
layover duration shifts up to longer layovers, and the prices start 
tnreding up.


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