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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Can I use per field analyzers and dynamic fields?
Date Fri, 07 May 2010 20:42:55 GMT
: The "source" of my problems is the fact that I do not know in advance the
: field names. Users are allowed to decide they own field names, they can,
: at runtime, add new fields and different Lucene documents might have
: different field names.

I would suggest you abstract away the field names your users pick and the 
underlying fieldnames you use when dealing with solr -- so create the list 
of fieldTypes you want to support (with all of the individual analzyer 
configurations that are valid) and then create a dynamicField 
corrisponding to each one.

then if your user tells you they want an "author" field associated with 
the type "text_en" you can map that in your application to 
"author_text_end" at both indexing and query time.

This will also let you map the same "logical field names" (from your 
user's perspective) to different "internal field names" (from Solr's 
perspective) based on usage -- searching the "author" field might be 
against "author_text_en" but sorting on "author" might use 

(Some notes were drafted up a while back on making this kind of field name 
aliasing a feature of Solr, but nothing ever came of it...


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