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From Markus Fischer <>
Subject [Solved] Re: Commit takes 1 to 2 minutes, CPU usage affects other apps
Date Wed, 12 May 2010 12:52:01 GMT

On 07.05.2010 22:47, Chris Hostetter wrote:
> so it's the full request time, and would be inclusive of any postCommit
> event handlers -- that's important to know.  the logs will help clear up
> wether the underlying "commit" is really taking up a large amount of time
> or if it's some postCommit even (like spellcheck index building, or
> snapshooting, etc...)

I finally was able to solve the issue and you hit the nail pretty hard: 
the spellchecker was the culprit. I assume it was a) an oversight or b) 
ignorance on our part about the spellchecker.

I wasn't aware that building the spellchecker index took so long (2 or 
more minutes for around 800.000 documents); we disabled buildOnCommit 
and only build the spellchecker once every night.

> :>  what do your Solr logs say about the commit, and the subsequent
> :>  newSearcher?
> :
> : How can I get such logs? I was asking for in the second mail do this
> it depends on what servlet container you use to run Solr, and how it's
> configured.  In the simple the "java -jar start.jar" jetty setup used for
> the Solr example, jetty dumps them to STDOUT in your console.  But most
> servlet containers will write log messages to a file someplace (and even
> jetty will log to a file if it's configured to do so -- most production
> instance are)

The start.jar was incredible helpful to dissect things.

Thanks Chris and everyone who helped me!

- Markus

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