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From Markus Fischer <>
Subject Re: Commit takes 1 to 2 minutes, CPU usage affects other apps
Date Wed, 05 May 2010 16:06:02 GMT

On 05.05.2010 03:49, Chris Hostetter wrote:
> : Are you accidentally building the spellchecker database on each commit?
> 	...
> : > This could also be caused by performing an optimize after the commit, or it
> : > could be caused by auto warming the caches, or a combination of both.
> The heart of the matter being: it's pretty much impossible to guess what 
> is taking up all this time (and eating up all that CPU) w/o seeing your 
> configs, and having a better idea of how you are timing this "1 to 2 
> minutes" ... is this what your client sending the commit reports? what 
> exactly is the command it's executing?

The measurement was done outside our Solr client which sends the update
and then the commit to the handler. I also see the update-URL call in
the Tomcat Manager taking up that amount of time.

> what do your Solr logs say about the commit, and the subsequent 
> newSearcher?

How can I get such logs? I was asking for in the second mail do this
thread; basically it's the same problem I'm having, as I've no clue were
it costs that time.

I'll get the configs asap; and yes, we're using a spellchecker too. Is
this list fine with attachments? Or should I just paste the XML stuff
inline? Or use pastebin?

thanks for the help!

- Markus

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