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From Markus Fischer <>
Subject Re: Commit takes 1 to 2 minutes, CPU usage affects other apps
Date Tue, 04 May 2010 07:52:43 GMT

On 04.05.2010 03:24, Mark Miller wrote:
> On 5/3/10 9:06 AM, Markus Fischer wrote:
>> we recently began having trouble with our Solr 1.4 instance. We've about
>> 850k documents in the index which is about 1.2GB in size; the JVM which
>> runs tomcat/solr (no other apps are deployed) has been given 2GB.
>> We've a forum and run a process every minute which indexes the new
>> messages. The number of messages updated are from 0 to 20 messages
>> average. The commit takes about 1 or two minutes, but usually when it
>> finished a few seconds later the next batch of documents is processed
>> and the story starts again.
>> Our environment is being providing by a company purely using VMWare
>> infrastructure, the Solr index itself is on an NSF for which we get some
>> 33MB/s throughput.
> That is certainly not a normal commit time for an index of that size.
> Note that Solr 1.4 can have issues when working on NFS, but I don't know
> that it would have anything to do with this.
> Are you using the simple lock factory rather than the default native
> lock factory? (as you should do when running on NFS)

I've switched the lockType to "simple" but didn't see any timing 
difference; it's still somewhat between one or two minutes.

In my last test case I tested with the indexing having been updated with 
only a single document.

I'm not very familiar with getting more debug information or similar out 
of Solr; is there a way to enable something to find out what's actually 
doing and what costs much time?

thanks so far,
- Markus

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