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From Markus Fischer <>
Subject Commit takes 1 to 2 minutes, CPU usage affects other apps
Date Mon, 03 May 2010 13:06:41 GMT

we recently began having trouble with our Solr 1.4 instance. We've about 
850k documents in the index which is about 1.2GB in size; the JVM which 
runs tomcat/solr (no other apps are deployed) has been given 2GB.

We've a forum and run a process every minute which indexes the new 
messages. The number of messages updated are from 0 to 20 messages 
average. The commit takes about 1 or two minutes, but usually when it 
finished a few seconds later the next batch of documents is processed 
and the story starts again.

So actually it's like Solr is running commits all day long and CPU usage 
ranges from 80% to 120%.

This continuous CPU usage caused ill effects on other services running 
on the same machine.

Our environment is being providing by a company purely using VMWare 
infrastructure, the Solr index itself is on an NSF for which we get some 
33MB/s throughput.

So, an easy solution would be to just put more resources into it, e.g. a 
separate machine. But before I make the decision I'd like to find out 
whether the app behaves properly under this circumstances or if its 
possible to shorten the commit time down to a few seconds so the CPU is 
not drained that long.

thanks for any pointers,

- Markus

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