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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: resetting stats
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2010 01:13:31 GMT

: Say I have 3 Cores names core0, core1, and core2, where only core1 and core2
: have documents and caches.  If all my searches hit core0, and core0 shards
: out to core1 and core2, then the stats from core0 would be accurate for
: errors, timeouts, totalTime, avgTimePerRequest, avgRequestsPerSecond, etc.

Ahhh.... yes. (i see what you mean by "aggregating core" now ... i thought 
you ment a core just for aggregatign stats)

*If* you are using distributed search, then you can gather stats from the 
core you use for collating/aggregating from the other shards, and 
reloading that core should be cheap.

but if you aren't already using distributed searching, it would be a bad 
idea from a performance standpoint to add it just to take advantage of 
being able to reload the coordinator core (the overhead of searching one 
distributed shard vs doing the same query directly is usually very 
measurable, even on if the shard is the same Solr instance as your 


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