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From Jan Simon Winkelmann <>
Subject AW: Slow Date-Range Queries
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2010 10:54:56 GMT
> > ((valid_from:[* TO 2010-04-29T10:34:12Z]) AND
> > (valid_till:[2010-04-29T10:34:12Z TO *])) OR ((*:*
> > -valid_from:[* TO *]) AND (*:* -valid_till:[* TO *])))
> >
> > I use the empty checks for datasets which do not have a
> > valid from/till range.
> >
> >
> > Is there any way to get this any faster?
> I can suggest you two things.
> 1-) valid_till:[* TO *] and valid_from:[* TO *] type queries can be
> performance killer. You can create a new boolean field ( populated via
> conditional copy or populated client side) that holds the information
> whether valid_from exists or not. So that valid_till:[* TO *] can be
> rewritten as valid_till_bool:true.

That may be an idea, however i checked what happens when I simply leave them out. It does
affect the performance but the query is still somewhere around 1 second.
> 2-) If you are embedding these queries into q parameter, you can write
> your clauses into (filter query) fq parameters so that they are cached.

The problem here is, that the timestamp itself does change quite a bit and hence cannot be
properly cached. It could be for a few seconds, but occasional response times of more than
a second is still unacceptable for us. We need a solution that responds quickly ALL the time,
not just most of the time.

Thanks for your ideas though :)


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