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From Static Void <>
Subject Re: Matching a string across multiple fields
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2010 21:40:41 GMT
Alex Thurlow wrote:
> So on with the questions.  I'm indexing music, and I have artist and 
> title fields.  It works great if I just search for the artist or just 
> for the title, but if I search for a string of both, that artist, 
> title combination does not come up first.
> For example, I have:
> artist: Whitney Houston
> title: Saving All My Love For You
> artist: Whitney Houston
> title: If I Told You That
> artist: Whitney Houston
> title: Exhale
> If I search for "Whitney Houston Exhale", I would expect that song to 
> come up first, but it doesn't.  Is there a special kind of matching or 
> field setup I need to do for that?
Sounds like you need to copy those 2 fields into one and then just 
search that one field. Also checkout the min-should-match settings if 
you are using the dismax handler

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