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From Ryan Grange <>
Subject QueryElevationComponent blues
Date Tue, 09 Mar 2010 05:34:51 GMT
Using Solr 1.4.
Was using the standard query handler, but needed the boost by field 
functionality of qf from dismax.
So we altered the query to boost certain phrases against a given field.
We were using QueryElevationComponent ("elevator" from solrconfig.xml) 
for one particular entry we wanted at the top, but because we aren't 
using a pure q value, elevator never finds a match to boost.  We didn't 
realize it at the time because the record we were elevating eventually 
became the top response anyway.
Recently added a _val_:formula to the q value to juice records based on 
a value in the record.
Now we have need to push a few other records to the top, but we've lost 
the ability to use elevate.xml to do it.

Tried switching to dismax using qf, pf, qs, ps, and bf with a "pure" q 
value, and debug showed queryBoost with a match and records, but they 
weren't moved to the top of the result set.

What would really help is if there was something for elevator akin to 
spellcheck.q like elevation.q so I could pass in the actual user phrase 
while still performing all the other field score boosts in the q 
parameter. Alternatively, if anyone can explain why I'm running into 
problems getting QueryElevationComponent to move the results in a dismax 
query, I'd be very thankful.

Ryan T. Grange

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