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From Steve Reichgut <>
Subject Re: Search Result differences Standard vs DisMax
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2010 02:04:03 GMT
Thanks Joe. That was exactly the issue. When I added 'mm=1', I got 
exactly the results I was looking for. Where would I change the default 
value for the 'mm' parameter? Is it in solrconfig.xml?


On 3/1/2010 5:30 PM, Joe Calderon wrote:
> what are you using for the mm parameter? if you set it to 1 only one 
> word has to match,
> On 03/01/2010 05:07 PM, Steve Reichgut wrote:
>> ***Sorry if this was sent twice. I had connection problems here and 
>> it didn't look like the first time it went out****
>> I have been testing out results for some basic queries using both the 
>> Standard and DisMax query parsers. The results though aren't what I 
>> expected and am wondering if I am misundertanding how the DisMax 
>> query parser works.
>> For example, let's say I am doing a basic search for "Apache Solr" 
>> across a single field = Field 1 using the Standard parser. My results 
>> are exactly what I expected. Any document that includes either 
>> "Apache" or "Solr" or "Apache Solr" in Field 1 is listed with 
>> priority given to those that include both words.
>> Now, if I do the same search for "Apache Solr" across multiple fields 
>> - Field 1, Field 2 - using DisMax, I would expect basically the same 
>> results. The results should include any document that has one or both 
>> words in Field 1 or Field 2.
>> When I run that query in DisMax though, it only returns the documents 
>> that have BOTH words included which in my sample set only includes 1 
>> or 2 documents. I thought that, by default, DisMax should make both 
>> words optional so I am confused as to why I am only getting such a 
>> small subset.
>> Can anyone shed some light on what I am doing wrong or if I am 
>> misunderstanding how DisMax works.
>> Thanks,
>> Steve

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