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From Tom Burton-West <>
Subject Re: Solr RAM Requirements
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2010 17:37:35 GMT

Hi Chak

Rather than comparing the overall size of your index to the RAM available
for the OS disk cache, you might want to look at particular files. For
example if you allow phrase queries, than the size of the *prx files is
relevant, if you don't, you can look at the size of your *frq files.   You
also might want to take a look at the free memory when you start up Solr and
then watch as it fills up as you get more queries (or send cache-warming

Tom Burton-West

KaktuChakarabati wrote:
> My question was mainly about the fact there seems to be two different
> aspects to the solr RAM usage: in-process and out-process. 
> By that I mean, yes i know the many different parameters/caches to do with
> solr in-process memory usage and related culprits, however I also
> understand that as for actual index access (posting list, positional index
> etc), solr mostly delegates the access/caching of this to the OS/disk
> cache. 
> So I guess my question is more about that: namely, what would be a good
> way to calculate an overall ram requirement profile for a server running
> solr? 
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