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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Faceting
Date Thu, 11 Feb 2010 00:47:00 GMT

: NOTE: Please start a new email thread for a new topic (See 

FWIW: I'm the most nit-picky person i know about Thread-Hijacking, but i 
don't see any MIME headers to indicate that Jose did that).

: > If i follow this path can i then facet on "email" and/or "link" ? For
: > example combining facet field with facet value params?

Any indexed field can be faceted on ... it's hard to be sure what exactly 
your goal is, but if you ultimately want to be able to have a list of 
search results, and then display facet info like "Number of results 
containing an email address" and "Number of results containing a URL" then 
yes: as long as you have a way of extracting that metadata and including 
it in an indexed field, you can facet on it ... you could use Field 
Faceting on something like a "properities: field (where all the indexed 
values are "contains_email" and "containes_url", etc...) or you could use 
facet queries to check arbitrary criteria (ie: facet.query=has_email:true 
& facet.query=urls:[* TO *], etc...


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