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From Jason Rutherglen <>
Subject Re: persistent cache
Date Tue, 16 Feb 2010 16:42:42 GMT
On a related note.  Maybe it'd be good to have wiki page of
experiences and possibly stats of various SSD drives?  Either on
Lucene or Solr wiki sites?

2010/2/16 Tim TerlegÄrd <>:
> 2010/2/15 Toke Eskildsen <>:
>> From: Tim TerlegÄrd []
>>> If the index size is more than you can have in RAM, do you recommend
>>> to split the index to several servers so it can all be in RAM?
>>> I do expect phrase queries. Total index size is 107 GB. *prx files are
>>> total 65GB and *frq files 38GB. It's probably worth buying more RAM.
>> Have you considered throwing one or more SSD's at the problem? Intel
>> X25-M G2 (or X25-E if you're dictated by your organization to buy
>> enterprise level) is my personal favorite right now. They are, compared
>> to RAM or even high-end spinning harddrives, often quite cost-effective.
> I actually tried SSD yesterday. Queries which need to go to disk are
> much faster now. I did expect that warmup for sort fields would be
> much quicker as well, but that seems to be cpu bound. It still takes a
> minute to cache the six sort fields of the 40 million document index.
> But I'm happy the queries are faster with SSD.
> Are there any differences among SSD disks. Why is Intel X25-M your favourite?
> /Tim

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