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From Chantal Ackermann <>
Subject Custom SearchHandler using existing DismaxRequestHandler
Date Fri, 08 Jan 2010 13:23:55 GMT
Dear all,

happy New Year!

For my custom searchHandler (called /list) that uses the 
VelocityResponseWriter I would like to use the existing dismax 
configuration. Therefore I did NOT specify ANY dismax configuration in 
that custom handler.

In short: it's not using (my existing) dismax at all, as it seems.
It only returns results for no parameters, using q.alt=*:* (defined in 
solrconfig.xml), or for q=field:value (even if dismax is default, and qt 
is missing).

Question: Is there a way to reference the existing dismax handler 
(=avoid copying of the existing configuration)?
(I couldn't find anything helpful in the wiki or the mailing lists. 
Maybe it's too obvious...?)

What I tried and did not work is the "qt" parameter. (This probably also 
requires it's own dismax configuration). Other variants of configuration 
I have marked with brackets in the pasted config below.

Thanks for your time!

Configuration of dismax and the custom search handler (in brackets the 
different config variants I tried):

<requestHandler name="dismax" class="solr.SearchHandler" [default="true"]>
	<lst name="defaults">
		<str name="defType">dismax</str>
		<str name="echoParams">explicit</str>
		<float name="tie">0.01</float>
		<str name="qf"> ...fields... </str>
		<str name="pf"> ...fields... </str>
		<str name="fl"> *,score </str>
		<str name="mm"> 2&lt;-1 5&lt;80%</str>
		<int name="ps">100</int>
		<str name="q.alt">*:*</str>

   <requestHandler name="/list" class="solr.SearchHandler">
      <lst name="defaults">
        <str name="v.template">listView</str>
        <str name=""></str>
        <str name="v.contentType">text/html;charset=UTF-8</str>
        <str name="title">Suchergebnisse</str>

        <str name="wt">velocity</str>
        [<str name="defType">dismax</str>]
        [<str name="qt">dismax</str>]
        [<str name="q.alt">*:*</str>]
        <str name="sort">score desc,start_date asc</str>
        <str name="rows">20</str>
        <str name="fl">*,score</str>
        <str name="facet">on</str>
        <str name="facet.field">participant</str>
        <str name="facet.field">decade</str>
        <str name="facet.field">timeweek</str>
        <str name="facet.field">cat</str>
        <str name="facet.field">maincat</str>
        <str name="facet.field">channel_name</str>
        <str name="facet.mincount">1</str>

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