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From MitchK <>
Subject Re: Term Dictionary + scoring
Date Sun, 17 Jan 2010 10:53:38 GMT

An idea of mine was to set up two SolrCores, since I don't know how to create
a layer above popularity. Let's call them QueryCore and DataCore. 

Querying for the first time against the DataCore would lead to a normal
response, since there were no queries before. Let's say we are querying for
"Star Wars".

If the user is clicking on the link to document 3, this would lead to an
update of QueryCore.
QueryCore has got several fields:
- query field
- popularity field (popularity of the query)
- query ID (stored)

According to those SolrCores there is a document orientated database (DOD).
The database's primary key is our query ID. It stores the first 10 responsed
document IDs of our first query together with the clickthrough-rate per
document for this query. 

If someone else is searching for "Star Wars" again, we will have a look at
QueryCore and get the query ID.
We are querying for this query-ID in our DOD and we are sorting the
DataCore's response by the responsed clickthrough-rate. 

If one of the 10 documents of our first query will be deleted in future or
is no longer at the top 10 responsed documents, we can update our DOD's data
to keep it up-to-date.

Querying the QueryCore+DOD and the DataCore could be done in two different

I emphasize: this is only an idea.
I don't know how to do so only using Solr. 
Has anyone got other opinions or thoughts?
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