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From Jason Rutherglen <>
Subject Re: High add/delete rate and index fragmentation
Date Wed, 02 Dec 2009 22:43:40 GMT

It sounds like you're asking about near realtime search support,
I'm not sure.  So here's few ideas.

#1 How often do you need to be able to search on the latest
updates (as opposed to updates from lets say, 10 minutes ago)?

To topic #2, Solr provides master slave replication. The
optimize would happen on the master and the new index files
replicated to the slave(s).

#3 is a mixed bag at this point, and there is no official
solution, yet. Shell scripts, and a load balancer could kind of
work. Check out SOLR-1277 or SOLR-1395 for progress along these

On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 11:53 AM, Rodrigo De Castro <> wrote:
> We are considering Solr to store events which will be added and deleted from
> the index in a very fast rate. Solr will be used, in this case, to find the
> right event we need to process (since they may have several attributes and
> we may search the best match based on the query attributes). Our
> understanding is that the common use cases are those wherein the read rate
> is much higher than writes, and deletes are not as frequent, so we are not
> sure Solr handles our use case very well or if it is the right fit. Given
> that, I have a few questions:
> 1 - How does Solr/Lucene degrade with the fragmentation? That would probably
> determine the rate at which we would need to optimize the index. I presume
> that it depends on the rate of insertions and deletions, but would you have
> any benchmark on this degradation? Or, in general, how has been your
> experience with this use case?
> 2 - Optimizing seems to be a very expensive process. While optimizing the
> index, how much does search performance degrade? In this case, having a huge
> degradation would not allow us to optimize unless we switch to another copy
> of the index while optimize is running.
> 3 - In terms of high availability, what has been your experience detecting
> failure of master and having a slave taking over?
> Thanks,
> Rodrigo

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