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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: question about merging indexes
Date Sun, 25 Oct 2009 18:15:38 GMT

: I need some help about the mergeindex command. I have 2 cores A and B
: that I want to merge into a new index RES. A has 100 docs and B 10
: docs. All of B's docs are from A, except that one attribute is
: changed. The goal is to bring the updated attributes from B into A.

that's not how mergeindex works ... merging two indexes is essentially 
just adding all the docs from one index into the other (but w/o the 
reindexing step - it works by copying the raw term info)

There is no way to modify a doc once it's been indexed.

: When I issue the mergeindexes command  my RES core only has 10 docs. I
: expect RES to have 100  or even 110 docs, but 10 is very puzzling. Am
: I misunderstanding something about merging indexes?

what exactly was the command you used to do the merge?  you should have 
gotten 110 docs.


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