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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Customizing solr search: SpanQueries (revisited)
Date Tue, 13 Oct 2009 19:16:33 GMT

: (e.g. defType=fooSpanQuery), along with token positions. I have this working
: in straight lucene, so my challenge is to implement it half-intelligently in
: solr. At the moment, I can't figure out where and how to customize the
: 'inner' search process.

the first step is to really make sense of how you do this with 
lucene-java, so we can find the best corrisponding points in Solr.

I suspect you are using a custom (Hit)Collector, which is an area in Solr 
that isn't easily customizable. Some other issues have brought up the need 
to allow custom code to provide a Collector that Solr would use in 
addition to it's own Collectors (for building up DocList and DocSet 
structiures) but no clear picture has surfaced as to what that API should 
really like like to be useful to plugin writers, and still be performant 
in the common case.

The most straight forward way to add custom logic like this would be to 
use SolrIndexSearcher just like a regular IndexSearcher, passing your 
Collector to the same old methods you would outside of Solr -- this 
bypasses Solr's internal DocList & DocSet caching, but in many cases this 
may be exactly what you want -- it's the main problem that makes a 
generalized pluggable Collector implementation hard to implement: if the 
Collector has side effects, it's not clear that cached results are useful 
unless they can reproduce the same side effects on cache read.

For response purposes (if you care) you can always then take the results 
of your own data structure, and use it to generate a DocLIst or a DocSet.


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