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From Uri Boness <>
Subject Re: Facet filtering
Date Fri, 21 Aug 2009 00:59:29 GMT
Another solution is to use hierachical values. So for example, instead 
of having a "Barack Obama" value you'll have "person/Barak Obama". To 
filter on a person you can just use wildcards (e.g. "person/*").

Asif Rahman wrote:
> Is there any way to assign metadata to terms in a field and then filter on
> that metadata when using that field as a facet?
> For example, I have a collection of news articles in my index.  Each article
> has a field that contains tags based on the topics discussed in the
> article.  An article might have the tags "Barack Obama" and "Chicago".  I
> want to assign metadata describing what type of entity each tag is.  For
> these tags the metadata would be "person" for "Barack Obama" and "place" for
> "Chicago".  Then I want to issue a facet query that returns only "person"
> facets.
> I can think of two possible solutions for this, both with shortcomings.
> 1) I could create a field for each metadata category.  So the schema would
> have the fields "tag_person" and "tag_place".  The problem with this method
> is that I am limited to filtering by a single criterion for each of my
> queries.
> 2) I could leave the Solr schema unmodified and post-process the query.
> This solution is less elegant than one that could be completely contained
> within Solr.  I also imagine that it would be less performant.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks in advance,
> Asif

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