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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: issue inquiry: unterminated index lock after optimize update command
Date Thu, 30 Jul 2009 06:04:13 GMT

: I'm using solr build 2009-06-16_08-06-14, in multicore configuration.
: When I issue the update command "optimize" to a core, the index files
: are locked and never released.  Calling the coreAdmin unload method on
: the core unload the core but does not unlock the underlying index files.
: The core has no other alias, the data path is not referenced by any
: other core when a full status is requested.  The end result is that
: optimized cores that have been unloaded cannot be deleted until jetty is
: restarted.
: I have searched jira but did not find anything relevant.  Is this a bug
: that should be reported, or is this an intended behavior?

...this is certinaly not intented behavior .. you shouldn't need to 
restart the server (or even reload the core) to unlock the index ... it 
should be unlocked automaticly when the optimize completes.

are you sure there wasn't any sort of serious error in the logs?  like an 
OutOfMemory perhaps?

if you can reproduce this consistently a detailed bug report showing your 
exact config files, describing your OS and filesystem, and describing 
exactly what setps you take to trigger this problem would certainly be 


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