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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Help needed with Solr <maxBooleanClauses>
Date Sun, 26 Jul 2009 19:06:21 GMT

: You are correct, it's not a Solr issue, its due to HTTP GET is not being 
: able to send such a large request.
: But now the question is, Solr only accepts request in url form not as 
: request parameter or request object. That's the main issue. Hence we 
: need to send the query in url form only.

There's a couple of of missleading statements and confusion above that i 
want to clarify for anyone reading...  
 1) there is no limit to how long a GET string can be in HTTP, there are 
only limits imposed by server/client implementatations, if your servlet 
container and your client support infinitely long URLs, Solr will work 
 2) you can absolutely POST queries to Solr if you set the content type 

furthermore: if you are sending queries that large, you should seriously 
consider refactoring your problem and thinking about why the queries are 
so large, and wether you can put some of the functionality that generates 
those large queries into a Solr plugin so you don't need to send so much 
data over the wire.


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