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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: SolrException - Lock obtain timed out, no leftover locks
Date Wed, 22 Jul 2009 21:58:15 GMT

My only guess here is that you are using SolrJ in an embedded sense, not 
via HTTP, and something about the code you have in your MyIndexers class 
causes two differnet threads to attempt to create two differnet cores (or 
perhaps the same core) using identical data directories at the same time.

either that: or maybe there is a bug in the CoreAdmin functionality for 
creating/opening a new core resulting from improper synchronization.

it would help to have the full stack trace of hte Lock timed out 
exception, and to know more details about how exactly your code goes about 
creating new cores on the fly.

: I'm running Solr 1.3.0 in multicore mode and feeding it data from which the
: core name is inferred from a specific field.  My service extracts the core
: name and, if it has not seen it before, issues a create request for that
: core before attempting to add the document (via SolrJ).  I have a pool of
: MyIndexers that run in parallel, taking documents from a queue and adding
: them via the add method on the SolrServer instance corresponding to that
: core (exactly one per core exists).  Each core is in a separate data
: directory.  My timeouts are set as such:
: <writeLockTimeout>15000</writeLockTimeout>
: <commitLockTimeout>25000</commitLockTimeout>
: I remove the index directories, start the server, check that no locks exist,
: and generate ~500 documents spread across 5 cores for the MyIndexers to
: handle.  Each time, I see one or more exceptions with a message like 
: Lock_obtain_timed_out_SimpleFSLockmulticoreNewUser3dataindexlucenebd4994617386d14e2c8c29e23bcca719writelock__orgapachelucenestoreLockObtainFailedException_Lock_obtain_timed_out_...
: When the indexers have completed, no lock is left over.  There is no
: discernible pattern as far as when the exception occurs (ie, it does not
: tend to happen on the first or last or any particular document).
: Interestingly, this problem does not happen when I have only a single
: MyIndexer, or if I have a pool of MyIndexers and am running in single core
: mode.  
: I've looked at the other posts from users getting this exception but it
: always seemed to be a different case, such as the server having crashed
: previously and a lock file being left over.
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