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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Change in DocListAndSetNC not messing everything
Date Thu, 16 Jul 2009 22:07:10 GMT

: For testing, what I have done is do some hacks to SolrIndexSearcher's
: getDocListAndSetNC funcion. I fill the ids array in my own order or I just
: don't add some docs id's (and so change this id's array size). I have been
: testing it and the performance is dramatically better that using the patch.
: Can anyone tell me witch is the best way to hack DocListAndSetNC? I mean, I
: know this change can make me go mad in the future, when I decide to update
: trunk version or update to new releases.
: My hack provably is too specific for my use case but could upload the source
: in case someone can advice me what to do.
: Thanks in advance,

If you can post the changes you found useful for your specific case, 
it might help people spot possible ways to refactor SolrIndexSearcher code 
so similar types of extension like that would be simpler (without custom 


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