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From Francis Yakin <>
Subject RE: Is there any other way to load the index beside using "http" connection?
Date Thu, 02 Jul 2009 04:19:32 GMT


Database we use is Oracle, I am not the database administrator, so I don't familiar with their
SO, basically we have the Oracle SQL script to load the XML files over HTTP connection to
our Solr Master.

My question is there any other way instead of using HTTP connection to load the XML files
to our SOLR Master?

You mentioned about LuSql, I am not familiar with that. Can you provide us the docs or something?
Again I am not the database Guys, I am only the solr Guy. The database we have is a different
box than Solr master and both are running linux(RedHat).



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From: Glen Newton []
Sent: Wednesday, July 01, 2009 8:06 PM
Subject: Re: Is there any other way to load the index beside using "http" connection?

You can directly load to the backend Lucene using LuSql[1]. It is
faster than Solr, sometimes as much as an order of magnitude faster.

Disclosure: I am the author of LuSql



2009/7/1 Francis Yakin <>:
> We have several thousands of  xml files in database that we load it to solr master
> The Database uses "http"  connection and transfer those files to solr master. Solr then
 translate xml files to their lindex.
> We are experiencing issue with close/open connection in the firewall and very very slow.
> Is there any other way to load the data/index from Database to solr master beside using
http connection, so it means we just scp/ftp the xml file  from Database system to solr master
 and let solr convert those to lucene indexes?
> Any input or help will be much appreciated.
> Thanks
> Francis



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