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From SergeyG <>
Subject Re: Implementing PhraseQuery and MoreLikeThis Query in one app
Date Thu, 02 Jul 2009 16:07:08 GMT

Thanks, Otis. I'd try that right away and tell you about the result. And if
you come up with any other idea, please let me know - just for the future.

Also thanks to Michael for the discussion.

Best regards,

SergeyG wrote:
> Hi,
> Recently I've posted a question regarding using stop words in a
> PhraseQuery and in a MoreLikeThis query in the same app. I posted it
> twice. Unfortunately I didn't get any responses. I realize that the
> question might not have been formulated clearly. So let me reformulate it.
> Can both queries - PhraseQuery and MoreLikeThis Query - be implemented in
> the same app taking into account the fact that for the former to work the
> stop words list needs to be included and this results in the latter
> putting stop words among the most important words? Or these two queries
> need to use two different indexes and thus have to be implemented in
> different applications or in different cores of Solr (with different
> schema.xml files: one with the StopWord Filter and another without it.)?
> Any opinion will be highly appreciated. 
> Thank you.
> Redards,
> Sergey Goldberg
> P.S. Just for the reference, here is my original message.
> 1. There're 3 kinds of searches in my application: a) PhraseQuery search;
> b) search for separate words; c) MLT search. The problem I encountered is
> in the use of a stop words list. If I don't take it into account, the MLT
> query picks up common words as the most important words what is not right.
> And when I use it, the PhraseQuery stops working. I tried it with the ps
> and qs parameters (ps=100, qs=100) but that didn't change anything. (Both
> indexed fields are of type text, the StandardAnalyzer is applied, and all
> docs are in English.)
> 2. Do I understand it right that the query
> q=id:1&mlt=true&mlt.fl=content&...
> should bring back documents where the most important words are in the set
> of those for the doc with id=1?

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