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From Fergus McMenemie <>
Subject Re: Solr vs Sphinx
Date Sun, 17 May 2009 07:52:16 GMT
>Something that would be interesting is to share solr configs for  
>various types of indexing tasks.  From a solr configuration aimed at  
>indexing web pages to one doing large amounts of text to one that  
>indexes specific structured data.  I could see those being posted on  
>the wiki and helping folks who say "I want to do X, is there an  
>I think most folks start with the example Solr install and tweak from  
>there, which probably isn't the best path...

Yep a solr "cookbook" with lots of different example recipes. However
these would need to be very actively maintained to ensure they always
represented best practice. While using cocoon I made extensive use
of the examples section of the cocoon website. However most of the,
massive number of, examples represent obsolete cocoon practise. Or 
there were four or five examples doing the same thing in different 
ways with no text explaining the pros/cons of the different approaches.
This held me, as a newcomer, back and gave a bad impression of cocoon.

I was wondering about a performance hints page. I was caught by an
issue indexing CSV content where the use of &overwrite=false made
an almost 3x difference to my indexing speed. Still do not really
know why!

>On May 15, 2009, at 8:09 AM, Mark Miller wrote:
>> In the spirit of good defaults:
>> I think we should change the Solr highlighter to highlight phrase  
>> queries by default, as well as prefix,range,wildcard constantscore  
>> queries. Its awkward to have to tell people you have to turn those  
>> on. I'd certainly prefer to have to turn them off if I have some  
>> limitation rather than on.

Yep I agree, all whizzy new features should ideally be on by default
unless there is a significant performance penalty. It is not enough
that to issue a default solrconfig.xml with the feature on, it has to
be on by default inside the code.
>> - Mark
>Eric Pugh | Principal | OpenSource Connections, LLC | 434.466.1467 |


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