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From Jeff Newburn <>
Subject Re: Solr Plugins Simple Questions for the Simpleton
Date Thu, 07 May 2009 14:11:30 GMT
> On May 6, 2009, at 3:25 PM, Jeff Newburn wrote:
>> We are trying to implement a SearchCompnent plugin.  I have been
>> looking at
>> QueryElevateComponent trying to weed through what needs to be done.
>> My
>> basic desire is to get the results back and manipulate them either by
>> altering the actual results or the facets.
>> Questions:
>> 1. Do the components fire off in order or all individually? If so
>> how does
>> one chain them together?
I apologize. This question was more looking for insight into how the
requests are made.  One more interesting question is what does each
component get from the previous one?

>> 2. Where are the actual documents returned (ie what object gets the
>> return
>> results)?
> Look on the ResponseBuilder object.
I looked into the javadoc for this class and the description is as follows:
This class is experimental and will be changing in the future.

Are there any tips to point us in the right direction to use and manipulate
this? Also does this class get passed from component to component?

>> 3. Is there any specific place I should manipulate the result set?
> I've done it in the past right on the response docset/doclist, but
> I've seen others discourage this kind of thing b/c you might not know
> the downstream effects
So does the doc list get passed down the chain in the responsebuilder?

>> 4. Can the individual documents be changed before returning to the
>> client?
> In what way?
In a way that might manipulate what is returned.  We have 2 potential
avenues. 1. Change the document to remove some values out of a multivalued
field or 2. Change the facets returned.

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