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From Marc Sturlese <>
Subject Re: Customizing SOLR-236 field collapsing
Date Thu, 21 May 2009 16:44:59 GMT

Yes, I have tried it but I see couple of problems doing that.

I will have to do more searches so response time will increase. 

The second thing is that, imagine I show the results collapsed in page one
and put a button to see the non collapsed results. If later results for the
second page are requested, some results from the non collapsed request would
be the same that some results that apeared in the first page doing

collapsing page 1 shows docs:

non collapsing results page 1 shows docs:

collapsing results page 2 shows docs:

non collapsing results page 2 show docs:

I want to avoid that and make the response as fast as possible. That is the
reason because I want to send the collapsed docs to the end of the queue...


Thomas Traeger-2 wrote:
> Is adding QueryComponent to your SearchComponents an option? When 
> combined with the CollapseComponent this approach would return the 
> collapsed and the complete result set.
> i.e.:
> <arr name="components">
>       <str>collapse</str>
>       <str>query</str>
>       <str>facet</str>
>       <str>mlt</str>
>       <str>highlight</str>
> </arr>
> Thomas
> Marc Sturlese schrieb:
>> Hey there,
>> I have been testing the last adjacent field collapsing patch in trunk and
>> seems to work perfectly. I am trying to modify the function of it but
>> don't
>> know exactly how to do it. What I would like to do is instead of collapse
>> the results send them to the end of the results cue.
>> Aparently it is not possible to do that due to the way it is implemented.
>> I
>> have noticed that you get a DocSet of the ids that "survived" the
>> collapsing
>> and that match the query and filters (collapseFilterDocSet =
>> collapseFilter.getDocSet();, you get it in
>> Once it is done the search is excuted again, this time the DocSet
>> obtained
>> before is passed as a filter:
>>     DocListAndSet results = searcher.getDocListAndSet(rb.getQuery(),
>> collapseFilterDocSet
>> == null? rb.getFilters(): null,
>> collapseFilterDocSet,
>> rb.getSortSpec().getSort(),
>> rb.getSortSpec().getOffset(),
>> rb.getSortSpec().getCount(),
>> rb.getFieldFlags());
>> The result of this search will give you the final result (with the
>> correct
>> offset and start).
>> I have thought in saving the collapsed docs in another DocSet and after
>> do
>> something with them... but don't know how to manage it.
>> Any clue about how could I reach the goal?
>> Thanks in advance

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