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From Fergus McMenemie <>
Subject Re: [solr-user] Upgrade from 1.2 to 1.3 gives 3x slowdown
Date Thu, 02 Apr 2009 13:23:15 GMT

>I should note, however, that the speed difference you are seeing may  
>not be as pronounced as it appears.  If I recall during ApacheCon, I  
>commented on how long it takes to shutdown your Solr instance when  
>exiting it.  That time it takes is in fact Solr doing the work that  
>was put off by not committing earlier and having all those deletes  
>pile up.
I am confused about "work that was put off" vs committing. My script
was doing a commit right after the CVS import, and you are right
about the massive times required to shut tomcat down. But in my tests
the time taken to do the commit was under a second, yet I had to allow
300secs for tomcat shutdown. Also I dont have any duplicates. So 
what sort of work was being done at shutdown that was not being done
by a commit? Optimise!

Thanks for the all the help.


Fergus McMenemie     
Techmore Ltd                   Phone:(UK) 07721 376021

Unix/Mac/Intranets             Analyst Programmer

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