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From Fergus McMenemie <>
Subject Re: [solr-user] Upgrade from 1.2 to 1.3 gives 3x slowdown
Date Wed, 15 Apr 2009 14:17:25 GMT
>On Apr 2, 2009, at 9:23 AM, Fergus McMenemie wrote:
>> Grant,
>>> I should note, however, that the speed difference you are seeing may
>>> not be as pronounced as it appears.  If I recall during ApacheCon, I
>>> commented on how long it takes to shutdown your Solr instance when
>>> exiting it.  That time it takes is in fact Solr doing the work that
>>> was put off by not committing earlier and having all those deletes
>>> pile up.
>> I am confused about "work that was put off" vs committing. My script
>> was doing a commit right after the CVS import, and you are right
>> about the massive times required to shut tomcat down. But in my tests
>> the time taken to do the commit was under a second, yet I had to allow
>> 300secs for tomcat shutdown. Also I dont have any duplicates. So
>> what sort of work was being done at shutdown that was not being done
>> by a commit? Optimise!
>The work being done is addressing the deletes, AIUI, but of course  
>there are other things happening during shutdown, too.
There are no deletes to do. It was a clean index to begin with
and there were no duplicates.

>How long is the shutdown if you do a commit first and then a shutdown?
Still very long, sometimes 300sec. My script always did a commit!

>At any rate, I don't know that there is a satisfying answer to the  
>larger issue due to the things like the fsync stuff, which is an  
>overall win for Lucene/Solr despite it being more slower.  Have you  
>tried running the tests on other machines (non-Mac?)
Nope. Although next week I will have real "PC" running vista, so 
I could try it there.

I think we should knock this on the head and move on. I rarely
need to index this content and I can take the performance hit,
and of course your work around provides a good speed up. 

Regards Fergus.

Fergus McMenemie     
Techmore Ltd                   Phone:(UK) 07721 376021

Unix/Mac/Intranets             Analyst Programmer

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