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From Eric Pugh <>
Subject Re: Is solr right for this scenario?
Date Fri, 24 Apr 2009 11:00:22 GMT
It seems like you have three components to your system:

1) Data indexing from multiple sources

2) Search for specific words in documents

3) Preserve rating and search term.

I think that Solr comes into play on #1 and #2.  You can index content  
in any number of approaches, either via the new DataImportHandler  
architecture, or the more traditional write a loader script that puts  
the documents in Solr.  You can store in Solr when a document was  
indexed, and use that to check against the original documents to see  
if they changed.  Check a last published tag on an RSS feed, or the  
last updated time on a physical file.  This is a very common use case  
for Solr.

For #2, you could have users issue queries, and make them "favorites",  
storing them in the DB.  Assuming they like the results they mark the  
documents with the ratings, which you could store in Solr, but I would  
put in a DB..  Easier to manage User A says 1, User B says 0.

Then for the UI, just issue the search baseed on queries stored in the  
db, and match the id's up with the ranking in the DB.  Simple!

As far as the last part, Solr works best in filesystem, that is part  
of why it is so fast, no clunky SQL.  There are scripts for backing up  
and restoring indexes that you can use, check the wiki



On Apr 24, 2009, at 6:18 AM, Developer In London wrote:

> Hi All,
> I am new to the whole Solr/Lucene community. But I think this might  
> be the
> solution ot what I am looking to do. I would appreciate any feedback  
> on how
> I can go about doing this with Solr:
> I am looking to make a system where -
> a) mainly lots of different blog sites, web journals, articles are  
> indexed
> on a regular basis. Data that has already been indexed needs to be  
> revisited
> to see if there are any changes.
> b) The end users has very fixed search terms, eg 'Lloyds TSB' and  
> 'Corporate
> Banking'. All the documents that are found matching this are  
> presented to a
> human to analyse.
> c) Once the human analyses the document he gives it a rating of 1, 0  
> or -1.
> This rating needs to be saved somewhere and be linked with the  
> specific
> document and also with the search term (eg 'Lloyds TSB' & 'Corporate
> Banking' in this case).
> d) End users can then see these documents with the ratings next to  
> them.
> What would be the best approach to this?
> Should I set up a different database to save the rating and relevant
> mappings, or is there any way to put it in to Solr?
> My 2nd question is, can Solr Index be saved in a database in any  
> way? Whats
> the backup and recovery method on Solr?
> Thanks in advance.
> Nayeem

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