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From Matthew Runo <>
Subject Re: solr and tomcat
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2009 16:31:05 GMT
It looks like if you set a then you could specify  
where the index would be stored, yes?  Are you properly setting your  
solr.home? I've never had to set the data directory specifically, Solr  
has always put it under my home.

 From solrconfig.xml:

Since Solr is running under tomcat, I'd assume that the index will  
always appear to be owned by tomcat as well. I don't think there is  
any way to have a different user for the written files - but someone  
else might want to chime in before you believe me 100% on this one.

Thanks for your time!

Matthew Runo
Software Engineer, - 702-943-7833

On Mar 2, 2009, at 5:46 PM, Matt Mitchell wrote:

> Hi. I'm sorry if this is the second time this message comes through!
> A few questions here...
> #1
> Does anyone know how to set the user/group and/or permissions on the  
> index
> that solr creates? It's always the tomcat user. Is it possible to  
> change
> this in my context file? Help!
> #2
> I'm deploying Solr via Tomcat and really thought I had this stuff  
> down. But
> it seems that with some recent system upgrades, my scheme is failing  
> to set
> the data dir correctly.
> I'm deploying solr to tomcat, using a context file as described here:
> But when I deploy, Tomcat says that it can't find a ./data/index  
> directory
> -- relative to the tomcat home directory. How can I set the data dir
> relative to the solr home value I'm specifying in the tomcat context  
> file?
> Note: a hard-coded absolute path works, but I want to configure at
> deployment time.
> In the past, I tried setting the data dir in the same way the solr  
> home is
> set in the context file without luck. Does this now work in the  
> latest solr
> nightly?
> Thanks,

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