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From Vernon Chapman <>
Subject Phrases in Synonyms.txt
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2009 16:15:54 GMT
I have a thesaurus that I would like to dump into the synonyms.txt In my 
thesaurus I have a term swine that
has a property called use_for which in my case is essentially a synonym.

The json representation of the term swine from my solr based thesaurus is:

	  "Sus scrofa domestica"]

In an effort to expand my users results, I would like to use the terms 
in the "usefor" property as synonyms in the synonyms.txt file.
As far as I can tell this would work fine  in synonyms.txt

swine => hogs,pigs,porcine

The question is how would/could I add the final option "Sus scrofa 
domestica" to the list of synonyms for swine 
would any of these work or am I totally off base here?

1) swine => hogs,pigs,porcine,"Sus scrofa domestica"
2) swine => hogs,pigs,porcine,"Sus\ scrofa\ domestica"

Thanks in advance

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