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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: why don't we have a forum for discussion?
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2009 22:26:01 GMT

On Feb 18, 2009, at 5:09 PM, Stephen Weiss wrote:
> But almost anything would be better than the current situation.   
> This list is SOLR's best documentation so I wouldn't want to just  
> stop getting it (and stuff just goes unnoticed in digests), but it  
> could be presented better.  A forum with a search function and  
> notifications would be a big improvement, especially as the  
> community grows.

This mailing list is a treasure trove of great stuff.  And it is quite  
searchable at a number of services, including MarkMail, Nabble, and so  
on: <


Nabble provides a forum-like interface to mailing lists.

For the best (IMNSHO) search for this list (and the Solr wiki, most  
importantly here, among other sources): <


And if you want to see the latest mails for this list (latest on top):

We've got notifications and syndication on our short term TODO list  
already.  Any other features you'd like to see in our search system,  
please let me know and we'll almost certainly add as we can.  Adding  
the ability to send mails back through a web forum, though, is  
something I'm not too keen on adding - it opens the door to lots of  
complexities and it'd need to be a strongly requested feature to be  


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