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From Marc Sturlese <>
Subject 2 strange behaviours with DIH full-import.
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2009 12:01:18 GMT

Hey, I have 2 problems that I think are really important and can be useful
for other users:

1.) I am runing 3 cores in a solr instance. Each core contains about a
milion and a half docs. Once a full-import is run in a core it will free
just a little bit of java memory. Once that first full-import is done and I
run another full-import with another core the memory used by the first
full-import will never be set free. Once the second full-import is done I
run the third... and I run out of memory! Is this a Solr bug setting memory
to free or I am missing something? Is there any way yo tell Solr to free all
memory after a full-import? It's a really severe error in my case as I can
not be restarting Tomcat server (I have other cron actions syncronized with

2.)I run a full-import and everythins works fine... I run another
full-import in the same core and everything seems so work find. But I have
noticed that the index in  /data/index dir is two times bigger. I have seen
that Solr uses this indexwriter constructor when executes a deleteAll at the
begining of the full import :,%20org.apache.lucene.analysis.Analyzer,%20boolean,%20org.apache.lucene.index.IndexDeletionPolicy,%20org.apache.lucene.index.IndexWriter.MaxFieldLength)

Why lucene is not deleteing the data of the old index if the boolean var of
the constructor is set to true? (the results are not duplicated but
phisically the directory /index is double size). Has this something to do
with de deletionPolicy that is saving commits or a lucenes 2.9-dev bug or
something like that???

I am running a nightly-build (from begining of January with some patches
that have been apperaring about concurrency indexing problems) with lucene
I would apreciate any advice as these two problems are really driving my
crazy and don't know how to sort it... specially the first one.

Thanks in advance!!

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