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From Marc Sturlese <>
Subject Re: Fwd: Separate error logs
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2009 17:35:37 GMT

Hey James,
Your log use case remains me to mine... I wanted to use different log files
fore different cores... for the moment there's no way to separate logs in
different files (as far as I know). I sorted it using log4j. What I do is
send the log data to the linux syslog (using syslog appender). Once the data
is there I just coded some scripts to send it wherever I want. You could
send your data to syslog and parse that file... and depending on if you find
the message TRACE, ERROR, DEBUG... just send that lines to the files you
This worked for me (not 100% coz there are log messages without the name of
the core) to separate logs depending on the core name without doing any
hack. In your case would work even better coz you always have the log level
in the message.
If someone knows any better way to do that please let me know...

James Brady-3 wrote:
> OK, so java.util.logging has no way of sending error messages to a
> separate
> log without writing your own Handler/Filter code.
> If we just skip over the absurdity of that, and the rage it makes me feel,
> what are my options here? What I'm looking for is for all records to go to
> one file, and records of a ERROR level and above to go to a separate log.
> Can I write my own Handlers/Filters, drop them on Jetty's classpath and
> refer to them in my I.e. without rebuilding the whole
> WAR, with my files added?
> Is Solr 1.4 (and its nice SLF4J logging) in a state ready for intensive
> production usage?
> Thanks!
> James
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: James Brady <>
> Date: 2009/1/30
> Subject: Re: Separate error logs
> To:
> Oh... I should really have found that myself :/
> Thank you!
> 2009/1/30 Ryan McKinley <>
> check:
>> You configure whatever flavor logger to write error to a separate log
>> On Jan 30, 2009, at 4:36 PM, James Brady wrote:
>>  Hi all,What's the best way for me to split Solr/Lucene error message off
>>> to
>>> a separate log?
>>> Thanks
>>> James

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