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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Using Solr with an existing Lucene index
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2009 23:26:46 GMT

: My first attempt to do this resulted in my Java program throwing a
: CorruptIndex exception. It appears as though Solr has somehow modified my
: index files in some way which causes the Lucene code to see them as corrupt
: (even though I did not, at least intentionally, try to post any documents or
: otherwise update the index through Lucene).

knowing the specifics of the exception would be helpful ... for example, 
if the exception message was "unknown format version: -X" that typically 
just means it was last touched by a newer version of Lucene then the 
one you are trying to read it with ... if hte version of lucene in solr is 
newer then then one you are using i can easily imagine this happening just 
from solr opening and closing an IndexWriter even if you never use Solr to 
add/commit any docs.

: If so, how? Is is just a matter of changing your data directory to your
: existing index data in the solrconfig.xml, for example:
:   <dataDir>/my/existing/lucene/index/data</dataDir> ?

solr expects the index to be named "index" inside the data directory -- 
but beyond that you also need to make sure your schema.xml is compatible 
(as mentioned in another thread i just replied to)


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